The Christmas Eve Suckling Pig Roast

Christmas Eve

Our 15th Annual Suckling Pig Roast

12 Wise Men, 6 Pigs, 2 Restaurants, 1 Jewish Chef  & a bunch of kids in footsies…

It’s a tradition around here. We get our hands on a few suckling pigs from our friends at local farms, roast them in the hearth oven, carve them up and serve them with a couple great winter sides.  Here's a little background. We’ll also have our full a la carte menu available, so no pressure. The best part is we’ll donate a portion of the proceeds of the evening to the Pajama Program. They are the awesome folks that give pajamas to less fortunate children. Because, as we say at Almond, “there’s nothing cuter than a little kid in footsies.”
 We'll be doing it at both places. Call to reserve.