Antonio Rappazzo


Antonio Rappazzo has worked with some of the keenest restaurant minds in New York City : Tom Valenti, Amanda Freitag, Anne Burrell, Graydon Carter, Sam DeMarco, John DeLucie and Zak Pelaccio, to name a few. From First to ‘Cesca to the Centro Vinoteca to the Waverly Inn, Mr. Rappazzo has been helping to establish classic Manhattan dining institutions for the past ten years.

In 2008, Antonio was recruited by Jason Weiner and Eric Lemonides to show them how things worked in the big city. He’s since showed them other stuff too, (that we’d prefer not to discuss here).

When Antonio isn’t working he’s still working. When he’s really, really not working he can be found juggling his two gorgeous children Leo and Coco– no, I mean really juggling. He happens to also be a circus performer