Larger Reservations

So for groups larger than 10, we find it a little easier on us and a little bit of  a nicer dining experience to streamline the menu offerings a bit. So we ask that you kindly check our menu beforehand  and choose 3 or 4 appetizers and 3 or 4 entrees that you would like offered. We ask that you keep away from burgers(although we can always make an accomodation if there are kids invloved). We also encourage you to choose a few sides for the table. We’ll send those out with your entrees.

        Some folks also like to start off with some raw bar items  and/or a couple few mezze platters and the like for the table to share  before the apps.  Feel free to choose some of those things and we’ll just send them out when you sit.  As far as desserts go, we’ll just give you desseert menus as normal. We find folks uusually just have room for a couple things for the table so we don’t want to box you in to anything. Hope this all makes sense. But if not, here’s the format:

Optional Raw Bar and/or Mezze Type Thing(to be shared)


3 or 4 Appetizers


3 or 4 Entrees(no burgers please)

A Few Sides to Be Shared


Dessert(no need for pre-choosing)

You should also know that our menu is constantly changing as our farmer friends bring us different stuff. If you choose an item that we are no longer offering on the night you come in, we’ll replace it with something similiar. So after you’ve made your reservation please make your choices and email them back to us.